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I help you to position yourself so that you can feel confident in your career choices. I've created a step-by-step journey to cover all possibilities in your career so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed at any stage.

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An engaging, confidential, and encouraging career advisory firm. Whether you are feeling unfulfilled, lost and misaligned or inspired, enthusiastic and hungry in your career, let me partner with you to realise and access your ideal career path.

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A roadmap to the career and life you think is beyond your reach

Corporate Clients


Assist companies and to rethink talent engagement, hiring processes, talent retention strategies and to remain competitive as an attractive place for employees to work and to develop professionally, from onboarding to succession planning and retirement stages.

Individual Clients


I help you to explore, source, change and progress your career in alignment with your realistic goals, objectives, comfort zones and lifestyle choices.

Hi, I’m Lynda Barry, a career specialist with 10+ years of domestic and international career advisory experience across all multiple functions, levels, and locations.

I believe that the key to finding your career fulfilment is through adequate consideration, exploration and by clarifying the candidate you want to be, by designing a feasible career path and through reconciling career options against the lifestyle you want, the culture you belong in and the passions you possess. You can access your dream job through personal reflection, harnessing your interests and by tapping into your bravery and by adhering to what you crave for yourself in your career journey.

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