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Are you seeking to unravel and uncover your ideal career path? Feeling lost, undecided, or unsure in your career? Are there challenges and dilemmas you need support in tackling? Or maybe you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled or that the career you chose or ended up in is a misfit to you. Don’t worry that’s perfectly normal. No matter what stage you are on your career journey it’s never too late to make a change.

Individual Career


Career Clarity


Let’s clarify your career aspirations and options….

Are you seeking to clarify the right career path for you where you can find a role and culture that aligns with your skills, interests, and capabilities? Well then the career clarity consultation is for you. We will work together to reflect, explore, and design a career the is more fitting, feasible and future-proofed for your ideal career existence.

What we will do:

  • Assess and clarify what is not working for you in your career, what changes you potentially want to make and to work with you to help you to identify careers that best suit your needs, interests, and personality.
  • Identify and clarify your realistic career options.
  • Roadmap and clarify your career plan to access your ideal career path.

Job Search


Are you struggling to find the role you are seeking for your next career move? Or maybe you have been doing a narrow search and want help widen the scope of roles that you can access?

Are you looking for…

  • Assistance with sourcing jobs that you wish to explore.
  • Assistance with analysing jobs to clarify employer requirements.
  • Roadmap and clarify your career plan to apply for the jobs you wish to target.

If so, then the Job Search Consultation is for you. We will work together to understand the roles that meet your career goals and plan, help you to see your relatability to each role and to understand a day in the life of.



Presenting your candidate profile

Do you find it difficult to sell yourself or outline your experience, key achievements, and professional values in a concise but effective way on your CV while also trying to position yourself as a competitive candidate?

The CV consultation will support you to…

  • Assist with showcasing your experience, skills, and full professional worth.
  • Assistance with tailoring your CV to jobs you wish to target.
  • Ensure you are equipped with a competitive and solid CV to target your career path.

Job Application/ Cover Letter


Apply competitively and strategically to your next ideal job.

Do you find it hard to pitch yourself and to sell yourself when putting together your job application? Whether it is completing an online application or a traditional Cover Letter process, you may be seeking assistance to…

  • Assist with developing your Cover Letter or Job Application form
  • Assist with aligning and selling your professional portfolio to the jobs you wish to target.
  • Reviewal and feedback of your application to facilitate you submitting a unique, professional, and strong application.

Interview Preparation


Prepare to present and position yourself

Are you wondering how you can attend your interview with confidence, be able to tackle unknown questions, demonstrate your competencies and build rapport all at once? Maybe you freeze when asked unknown questions and get overwhelmed or don’t know what to focus on for your interview…then the Interview Preparation is for you.

We will cover:

  • Support in breaking down your potential interview fears and dilemmas and inspire you to walk through your experience with confidence and clarity.
  • Practice competency “unknown” questions and practice walking through your CV/ Resume to build confidence (e.g., “Tell me about yourself”, Salary expectation and 5-year plan).
  • Role plays and Q&A sessions.
  • Support you to sell yourself, to align yourself to the requirements of the roles you are interviewing for and to differentiate yourself.

Customised Individual Career


Maybe you are seeking specific and customised support in your career and are not sure of the assistance you need. There are many other career areas that I support individual clients with, which fall into the customised career consultation offering. For assistance with your career, please book your complimentary introductory call here.

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